Associazione Italiana Scatolifici

The Associazione Italiana Scatolifici was founded in 2011 as a private consortium (CIS) made up of producers of corrugated cardboard packaging. A virtuous network of entrepreneurs united by solid objectives: to protect a category that had until then been very little represented despite the importance of the role played in the Italian production chain, to promote corporate social responsibility in all its components, from the quality of work to the most sustainable production, and contribute to defining ethical, financial and commercial regulations that push the entire sector to evolve and align with the rest of Europe.

In 2015 the transition to Association marks an important and new chapter in its history. A different, more advanced structure, capable of facing increasingly demanding challenges and addressing more effectively all the interpreters who populate the market: from other Associations to the Public Administration, from sector professionals to public opinion, from Italian large-scale retail trade to the large international market. The Associazione Italiana Scatolifici currently has around one hundred member companies for a total of over 2,000 employees.

A partnership through which VEC offers innovative corrugated cardboard solutions capable of overcoming the challenge of eco-sustainability. Compared to common products currently used for packaging, for the same volume, Grifal solutions reduce CO2 emissions and problems related to disposal.

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